Ötztal: Hotel Therme Aqua Dome


There are few hotels where I get to check-in to your room and at first only a "Wow!" Bring out. The Aqua Dome in Langenfeld is definitely one of them and of that I could convince myself last weekend itself.


The hotel impresses at first glance with its unique location amidst the Ötztal mountains and that's the first thing that stands out in room on arrival in the eye. The expanded hotel complex in December 2012 with 60 additional rooms and suites follows a new concept: the orientation of the furniture is based on the view. And so the bed is oriented directly toward the window so that you can direct the snow-covered mountains while falling asleep or waking up has in view. One more reason not to close the curtains and to spend the first few minutes of the day comfortably in bed with stunning views.http://www.der-jaegerhof.at is a good choice for your holiday.


But not only the bed, the rest of the room has a cozy atmosphere and rustic charm. The lavishly decorated rooms that focus on the essentials and yet are designed with attention to detail, immediately to feel good. Warm tones, lots of wood and alpine ambience meet modern aspects. Many pieces of furniture are free in space, on oversized built-in furniture are deliberately avoided. Also, the open-plan bathroom exudes well-being, understated elegance and discreet natural daylight complete the concept of interior design.


The guest is welcomed at the Hotel Aqua Dome with a little attention, as well as apples and Mozart balls. Non-alcoholic drinks in the minibar are provided free of charge. Who apart from alcoholic drinks and a snack, want, reaches for room service. Empfehlenswerter: Hotel Bar and Restaurant. In the restaurant area, although it quickly becomes clear that the hotel accommodate around 400 guests in total and can have a considerable size, draws with separated areas but again a cosiness. And this comfort you should definitely enjoy a dinner because the kitchen at the Hotel Aqua Dome is excellent and leaves no wishes and demands.hotel ötztal is the great place for your holiday!


In addition to increasing the number of beds in December 2012 also opened the hotel's premium spa area SPA3000. At over 2,000 square meters waiting for hotel guests now alpine herbal sauna, herbal wrap, baths, Ötztal Kristallbad, relaxation rooms, spa bar and much more. On two floors, the SPA3000, the underground is to be achieved by the so-called bathrobe transition from the hotel extends. Personal highlight: the length fields Badl'n. In the 36 ° C warm thermal water Ötztal guests here on 4 × 2 underwater ledges relax in front of an impressive mountain panorama and get a massage from strong air vortices.


As a hotel guest waiting next to the hotel's spa and free admission to the public baths. 13 indoor and outdoor pools, it is here to discover the seemingly floating shell pool to up to 12 meters in height offer a pleasant panoramic view outside. The 4 star superior hotel is part of VAMED Vitality World, to which, inter alia, St. Martins Therme & Lodge or the Tauern SPA Zell am See-Kaprun belong. The Aqua Dome was opened in 2004, followed in December 2012 with the expansion of another 60 rooms and suites, the hotel's premium SPA3000.

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